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Broadband Expert

The VeEX® Broadband Expert products support ADSLx installation and maintenance. Triple Play features include VoIP, IPTV, Web Browser, WiFi, and NetWiz. Weather proof, touch panel, 4+ hours LiIon battery pack, small and lightweight package make the BX series a powerful, feature rich, user friendly yet cost-effective solution.



Comprehensive ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL link turn-up capabilities including ATM and IP test features all supported in a single compact handheld unit.

MTTplus | G.fast/DSL Module

The MTTplus-523 Module addresses key test requirements for IP based broadband services deployed over a G.fast or DSL Access network.

MTTplus | OSP+ Module

The MTTplus-522 Outside Plant (OSP)+ Expert Module combines key copper verification features with DSL/G.fast modem emulation.