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Remote Test Unit (RTU) Expert

RTU Series

VeEX’s Remote Test Units (RTU) are self-contained, scalable test and monitoring probes for communications networks. When used as part of the VeSion cloud-based monitoring system, these rackmount probes are optimized to work with a centralized server system. In addition, the probes can be operated in standalone mode via web browser.



The OX-MPO-12 is an ultra-compact, multi-fiber optical switch designed to operate with VeEX OTDRs. Optimized for high-density fiber test applications where MPO/MTP cables need to be tested using an OTDR equipped with a single fiber output.


Part of the VeSion cloud-based system, the RTU-300 platform with the RTU-320 module tests Ethernet/IP network performance. Features include dual plug-in module support with up to four dedicated test ports for optimized testing.


The Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) comprises the RTU-4000 platform with the RTU-4100+ OTDR optical test module. The RFTS monitors optical fiber infrastructures in Core, Metro, Access and FTTx/PON networks, improving workflow and reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).


Part of the VeSion system, the OX4000 series optical switches provide reliable, fast, and repeatable performance. Units can be controlled via built-in keypad or remotely via RS232 or Ethernet Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS).


Part of the Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS), the OXA-4000 series optical switches is used with the RTU-4000 fiber probe to support network monitoring of dark or in-service fiber routes on existing networks. The OXA-4000 provides reliable, fast and repeatable performance and is controlled via the RTU-4000.