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CATV/QAM/Video Spectrum Analyzer

The AT2500RQvPlus is the industry’s most complete spectrum analyzer, combining superior QAM analysis and best-in-class analog measurement capability. The enhanced AT-Web automates both the analog and digital proof-of-performance tests, saving time, making tests consistent, and providing excellent documentation.


  • Automated switch control for up to 256 ports
  • 43 dB MER range
  • One button analog and digital POP (proof-of-performance) tests
  • realPOP data management and Report Generator
  • Remote operation from any standard web browser
  • USB drive capability for file transfer
  • Superior QAM demodulation capability and excellent BER performance, featuring MER capability up to 43 dB
  • AT2500 AT-Web offers one–button analog and digital proof-of-performance as well as many other features, including remote operation and switch control, all via a simple web connection
  • QAM analysis includes constellation, statistics, group delay, frequency response and impairment analysis for Annex A, B and C signals
  • 1.5 GHz high sensitivity spectrum analyzer with built-in automatic filter for increased dynamic range
  • Automatic Filtering and pre-Amp provides exceptional dynamic range for analog and digital measurements, even on tilted test points
  • Complete set of CATV measurements including CCN, CSO, CTB, ICR, DOM, Hum and carrier frequency
  • Multiple trace display with detector selection and enhanced markers for added flexibility
  • Exclusive HUM measurements on Digital QAM signals


  • Performs QAM detailed measurements on Annex A, B & C QAM signals with one button testing on a remote IP connection
  • Provides Headend and Hub testing with 43dB MER capabilities
  • Detects QAM RF signal impairments before they turn into customer complaints
  • Integrated analog and digital measurements, both local and remote, in one analyzer
  • Isolates difficult-to-locate problems using comprehensive QAM Impairment Analysis