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Forward Path Monitoring System

CATV Forward Path Monitoring Simplified

The CX180F Probe in the VeSion™ monitoring system checks the performance of analog and digital channels being transmitted downstream or toward customers across a CATV HFC network.

Equipped with multiple test engines, the CX180F’s key signal parameters including signal level, BER, MER, and Constellation are scanned continuously and non-intrusively. Advanced spectrum analysis across the entire operating frequency band, detects ingress which can lead to signal impairment and/or failure.

View and Manage Your Network All in One Place

VeSion is a cloud-based asset and workflow management system for managing and optimizing workflow for centralized engineers, managers, and field technicians.

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  • Compatible with VeSion Cloud-Based One System Platform
  • Space efficient 1U rackmount probe with built-in matrix switch
  • Flexible probe configuration options with 10 input ports, including a single or three test engines selection
  • Monitors analog, digital TV channels and FM carriers
  • Fast continuous scan of all active channel
  • Fast Level/MER mode to scan QAM Level and MER
  • On-demand channel camp-on for long term analysis
  • Detailed digital channel QAM 64/256 analysis with constellation
  • On-demand ingress noise scan from 5 to 1000 MHz
  • Ethernet system interface to CX180F Server/Controllers
  • Secured access to prevent unwanted intrusion
  • Cost-effective solution for small headend deployment, yet easy for future expansion
  • Web and Mobile app based access with VeSion System
  • Combined with CX380X, add MPEG measurement and monitoring as per 101 290 standards
  • Three independent test resources for non-blocking monitor scan and two on-demand tests
  • Secured IP connection for access from any location with Internet connection via remote terminals or VeEX portable test sets