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Advanced Spectrum and Burst QAM Analyzer

Preventative Network Monitoring

In a DOCSIS 3.0 (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) environment, the upstream bandwidth becomes crowded with wider and higher order QAM modulation carriers and channel bonding, leading to increased impairment sensitivity. In addition, the increasing ubiquity of DOCSIS cable modems actually represents one of the significant challenges for maintaining good plant health. The modems themselves can be serious interferers. In order to take a truly ‘proactive’ vs. ‘reactive’ approach in network monitoring, it is important to first detect the plant issues before it becomes significant enough to impact subscribers; then correlate the identified issue(s) to the physical location(s) of the modems contributing harm to the cable plant.

Under the VeSion™ system umbrella, VeEX’s CX380X advanced Spectrum Analyzer and Burst Demodulator is an add-on to existing CX180R and RealWORX 24x7 preventive network monitoring systems. Specific triggered alarms associated with Upstream parameters of subscriber’s cable modems, such as high transmit levels, can automatically engage deeper dive measurements of the Upstream signal quality. This helps identify the rogue cable modems in the network that contribute harm to the plant.

View and Manage Your Network All in One Place

VeSion is a cloud-based asset and workflow management system for managing and optimizing workflow for centralized engineers, managers, and field technicians.

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  • Complete web-based solution compatible with any web browser
  • With VeSpec iOS and Android applications, access your return path nodes with your mobile devices
  • 3U Rackmount unit with 16 RF inputs ports
  • CX380X connects to the back of the CX180R for Return Path signal access and to AT1702 series switches for Forward Path signal access
  • Factory calibration - eliminates unexpected insertion loss introduced by external matrix switches
  • Flexible distributed architecture for easy expansion, increased reliability, and reduced system down time
  • Secured IP connection for access from any location with Internet connection via remote terminals or VeEX portable test sets
  • Interfaces with VeEX portable test sets to enable Sweep, Ingress and Digital Signal measurements for complete single person Return Path troubleshooting
  • Built-in switch with low noise and 10 dB insertion gain, ideal for Forward Path Performance monitoring


  • Advanced Spectrum Analysis
  • DOCSIS Burst Demodulator to capture rogue cable modems
  • Extracts MAC address of any traffic cable modem at any given time
  • Advanced upstream QAM analysis capabilities (Levels, MER, Un-Equalized MER, Codeword Errors, Group Delay)
  • Completely integrates with an MSO’s billing system to pinpoint the physical location of the faulty (rogue) cable modems
  • Allows packet capture at the DOCSIS level
  • Works as an Ethernet probe and responder for testing Business Class Service Level Agreements
  • Checks the performance of Analog and Digital channels being transmitted downstream or toward customers across a CATV HFC network
  • Non-blocking On Demand test for both Return and Forward Path monitoring applications
  • MPEG ETR 101 290 Priority 1 and 2 monitoring with encryption detection