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DISCONTINUED, Replaced by CX380s-D3.1

Now with 24x8 Channel Bonding


CATV Network Testing Simplified

The CX380s-D3 is a super-tech installation and maintenance tool for next generation CATV networks. Equipped with a large 7" touch-screen color LCD and intuitive graphical user interface, the CX380s-D3 can be used under all light conditions. This highly flexible unit combines a 1GHz spectrum analyzer with 60dB dynamic range, a forward and return path Digital QAM analyzer, and an MPEG analyzer in a single portable instrument.

An array of advanced digital measurements are available, including MER, Pre/Post BER, EVM, HUM, Phase Jitter, Frequency Response, Equalizer taps, In-channel flatness, frequency and symbol rate errors, addressing all testing aspects of standard and high definition CATV signals. An intuitive statistic mode records up to 60 minutes of signal history displaying Level, MER, Pre/Post error rate, and errored seconds and other anomalies in minute or second resolution and intervals.

Comprehensive return path analysis is possible when the built-in Upstream Signal Generator is connected to a CX380s-D3 or CX180R monitoring system located at the headend.

The new CX380s-D3 integrates a certified DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an advanced spectrum analyzer; technicians can now identify ingress sources with greater dynamic range and perform comprehensive channel bonding.

At a weight of less than 2.5 kg/6 lb, the CX380s-D3 ensures portability, while the smart LiIon battery pack provides 8 hours of autonomy.


  • Robust, lightweight chassis packed with powerful features for demanding environments and test conditions
  • High resolution color 7” touch-screen with graphical user interface
  • Ethernet LAN management port for remote control, back office applications, and workforce management
  • Fast and efficient test result transfer to USB memory stick or FTP upload via LAN, DOCSIS, * USB WiFi, USB data modem, or USB Bluetooth
  • Maintain instrument software, manage test setups and channel tables, process measurement results and generate customer test reports using included ReVeal™ PC software
  • Extend field testing time using interchangeable LiIon battery pack/s
  • Ability to lock user interface to prevent unwanted human interference during long-term testing
  • Supports Triple Play test applications such as VoIP, IPTV and high speed Internet access via Ethernet management port, DOCSIS test port, or USB WiFi adaptor


  • Frequency range from 5MHz to 1GHz
  • Comprehensive SLM measurements (single channel, system scan, tilt, and installation check)
  • Annex A, B, C support
  • Spectrum analysis with 30ms sweep time to capture fast transient and impulse noise
  • QAM channel MPEG analysis*
  • Upstream Generator* (CW, QPSK, QAM-16/64/128/256 modulation)
  • Forward and Return path QAM measurements (MER, Pre/Post BER, Constellation diagram, Histogram, and Equalizer on/off mode)
  • Advanced Digital measurements* (HUM, EVM, Phase Jitter, Symbol Rate Error, Frequency Response, Group Delay)
  • Dual band DOCSIS 3.0 certified Cable Modem with 8x4 Channel Bonding*
  • DOCSIS 3.0 certified Cable Modem with up to 24x8 Channel Bonding*