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CaLan 3010H+

Sweep System for DOCSIS 3.1

VeSion™ integrates a complete DOCSIS 3.1 Sweep System with the CaLan 3010H+. The CaLan 3010H+ Sweep System is designed for prequalification, installation, and maintenance of DOCSIS 3.1 networks. The unit consists of a high performance, 1.8 GHz Transmitter and a low noise, 204 MHz Receiver, capable of sweeping the entire Forward and Return path respectively.

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VeSion is a cloud-based asset and workflow management system for managing and optimizing workflow for centralized engineers, managers, and field technicians.

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  • High resolution true non-interfering 1.8 GHz downstream sweep system with Manual and Automatic Gain & Slope Offsets
  • 1U 19 inch Rackmount form factor, saving critical rack space in the Headend
  • Fast and accurate Sweep for network maintenance
  • Channel and Spectrum Scans modes
  • Full integration with VeSion system, supporting centralized control for sweep profiles and data collection, making it ideal for unmanned Headends
  • Compatible with CX380s series and CM series field test sets
  • Works with the AT3000 RF Switch Multiplexer
  • Combined with Sweepless Sweep for a complete Forward Path Sweep, up to 1.8 GHz
  • Return Path Sweep up to 204 MHz


  • DigiSweep Fast Sweep technology helps maintenance technicians perform their task faster and easier then other solutions
  • Non-Interfering Downstream Sweep for Analog and Digital Channels
  • Dual Path mode eliminates the need for a separate Forward Sweep and Return Sweep instruments
  • Higher resolution sweep identifies problems other sweep systems miss
  • Automatic recovery following power outages