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V-Probe Responder

Performance Testing Companion

The V-Probe Responder is a companion for the MTTplus-900 and WX150 WiFi Air Expert Modules to verify TCP and UDP throughput performance through a WiFi Access Point or Router.


With the V-Probe Responder and a WiFi Air Expert Module pair, technicians can quickly verify that upload and download speeds meet the SLA requirements during WiFi installations. The V-Probe Responder is connected via a wired Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T) connection to the back of the AP/router under test acting as a V-Perf TCP/UDP responder, while the WiFi Air Expert is connected to the AP under test via WiFi. Once IP connectivity is established with the AP by both the WiFi Air Expert and the V-Probe responder, the WiFi Air Expert automatically discovers the V-Probe Responder and initiates the V-Perf TCP/UDP throughput performance test.


  • V-Perf TCP/UDP Responder/Server (compatible iPerf3)
  • 10/100/1000Base-T support
  • Measure the true Quality of Experience (QoE) on the WiFi network accross the AP/Router
  • Ready to use on boot-up
  • Easy V-Probe discovery by a WiFi Air Expert module for quick test initiation
  • Static and DHCP (default) IP addressing